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The business gift is a classic and strong card for Public Relations, Advertising and Communication. In our times, where significant amounts are spent for a company's advertising and promotion, the business gift can contribute to saving money on one hand and on the other hand to highlight the status of the company offering it. Using fantasy to choose and finding the proper symbolization are necessary in order for the entity advertized to send its message with accuracy!

Erco promotion was founded in 1993 aiming at offering solutions in this area. Our company is activated in manufacturing, importing and trading of advertising present, giving its clients the ability to be promoted and advertized through offering the proper business gifts for every instance, in affordable prices, excellent quality, unlimited choises and always at the preferable time.


In the catalogues found in our website, you can be informed of the great variety of products we offer. However, besides those, we can create any other special manufacturing as well as seek any other kind you may be interested in. Furthermore and specifically with regard to clothing, we are able to produce textile items (cotton, sweatshirts, piquet etc) since our contemporary silkscreen unit can execute both simple and more complex printings.


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